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I'm excited about the latest edition to my Miniature Collection.  This greenhouse was landscaped and developed by a lovely lady named Betty in Victoria as part of her art collection.  She needed to make space for more and so the greenhouse found a home with me.  With it came Joie, the beautiful lady in green, who tends to the flowers and the pets.  And looking at all the flowers in bloom, she is doing a great job.



Another Christmas - and another handcrafted gift by my daughter, Barbara





My Christmas Present - a Wardrobe Trunk handcrafted by my daughter, Barbara




















The SchoolRoom



 Dish Detergent Top Tea Pot

This tea pot was made from the pull top of a dish detergent bottle.  It's a much better use for it than doing dishes, don't you think?




Farmer John's Market and The County Store

Mrs. Kowalski is checking out the cabbages that came in.                     Joe is stocking shelves in the new addition.


Here's a picture of the old wood stove I made for the School House.  The hardware is made from the plastic bits that hold the pieces in a Chrysbon kit.  The legs were made with fimo copying some legs on an ornate metal egg cup.  I also made the stove pipe with fimo.  The rest of course is wood and string.  Now that I see the finished stove in a picture, I think it needs another spray coat of paint.  Funny how things show up better in a picture that to the eye.


Lynne's love of miniatures is shown throughout their Victorian style home.
 The 'Cambridge' is a three-story doll's house full of little surprises and it's Christmas
 all year around in the Christmas Roombox.  You'll find a rustic outhouse, a garage sale,
 a dressmaker's shop, plus others that are always in the making.
 If you look, you'll even find a mouse or two enjoying the holiday season.

This Christmas Roombox was built by Barbara, John and Lynne's daughter, to display Lynne's many Christmas miniatures. The table in the dining room is set for Christmas dinner.
  ~ 1/12" scale (1"=1 foot)


                   THE CAMBRIDGE HOUSE                                          

 This three-story house is home to Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge and their pets, including a cheeky mouse that manages to keep out of sight
 of the cat.
 Displayed in the guest sitting room

                         Mr. Cambridge relaxing with the daily newspaper.




' Polly's Room' ~ 1/12" scale ~ Displayed in "The Tea Room"
Polly just celebrated her fifth birthday and is having a tea party with her teddy bears. 



'Felicia's Millinery Shop' ~ 1/12" scale ~ Displayed in "The Milliner's Room"
Lynne & Barbara had such fun making all of the wonderful hats available in Felicia's shop.

'The Dressmaker's Shop' ~ 1/12" scale ~ Displayed in John and Lynne's living room
Created by Lynne in an antique table to display the miniature silk dresses made by Barbara.

'The Borrowers' ~ 1/12" scale ~ Displayed in the kitchen of It's a Small World
This miniature room box contains two rooms that are based
on the children's story book 'The Borrowers'.

Found on the window ledge in the kitchen,
Mrs. Mouse bakes some cookies in her 'teacup' kitchen.
1/144" scale

My favorite place to shop - Victoria miniLAND, the centre for hand-crafted miniatures.
Shop online or in the store at 651 Johnston St (Just off Douglas St.)
Downtown Victoria, BC

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